Experience Authentic Ireland with Local Experts

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Experience Authentic Ireland with Local Experts
Explore Authentic Ireland with Local Experts. Discover hidden gems, charming villages, and iconic landmarks with CIE Tours. Unforgettable experiences await!

The best way to experience the iconic landmarks, hidden gems and true magic of Ireland is traveling the local roads with local experts. And we recommend the team at CIE Tours for their warm welcomes, insider knowledge and superb storytelling.     

Their tours go everywhere from Donegal to Dungarvan, taking in this island’s natural beauty, charming villages, ancient castles, and lively city culture, and they’ll introduce you to them like no one else can. With a 95% guest satisfaction rate, their commitment to excellence shines through: In the outstanding value you’ll find on every one of their tour, and in the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that stay with you long after your trip comes to an end.     

Some of our favorite experiences with CIE Tours have been visiting quintessentially Irish villages as a with a slower pace, quaint local shops, and regional cuisine. Often surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty like rolling green hills, rugged coastlines, and mountains, these idyllic settings exude old-world charm. 

Killarney: With a picturesque location amidst mountains and lakes, Killarney offers the ultimate Irish town experience complete with great pubs and easy access to the stunning Ring of Kerry. Visit Killarney on more than a dozen CIE Tours itineraries, including their most popular Taste of Ireland.     

Adare: Adare's unique blend of thatched-roof cottages, historic architecture, and idyllic parklands creates a storybook setting that will transport you into the heart of Ireland's enchanting past. Make Adare your home for the week on the Ireland South Daytripper. Unpack once and visit many of Ireland’s iconic attractions.  

Dingle: Boasting a beautiful Atlantic seaside location, quirky painted storefronts, and great seafood, this small Irish town delivers charm and fun for visitors. Visit Dingle on Best of Ireland South and Southern Gems.   

Cobh: With its striking coastal setting, rich maritime history as the departure point for the Titanic, colorful waterfront houses, and walkable streets, Cobh is another lovely seaside town to explore. Visit Cobh on the Irish Adventure and Irish Heritage tours.    

Whether you choose the camaraderie of a guided tour or the customization of a private driver vacation, let CIE Tours be your guide to the unforgettable magic of Ireland.