Do You Want To Take A Vacation, Or Experience The Expedition Of A Lifetime?

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Do You Want To Take A Vacation, Or Experience The Expedition Of A Lifetime?

Cruise on a luxury ice-breaker ship, past polar bears and icebergs, through the fabled Northwest Passage.

Every Quark Expeditions voyage starts on a ship, but the real adventure happens off-ship. Their expert guides’ abilities to read unknown terrain can mean the difference between an amazing trip and a dangerous one.

Cruise On A Luxury Ice-Breaker Ship, Past Polar Bears And Icebergs, Through The Fabled Northwest Passage.

Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage is an Arctic waterway that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Canadian archipelago. It's been a dream of explorers for centuries, but it wasn't until 2008 that ships were able to navigate this route without getting stuck in sea ice or having to use long detours around Greenland and Alaska. Now you can cruise past polar bears, icebergs and other natural wonders while enjoying luxurious accommodations onboard an ice-breaker ship!

Every Quark Expeditions voyage starts on a ship, but the real adventure happens off-ship. Our expeditions are not just about the ship; they're about the journey, people you meet along the way and wildlife you see in their natural habitats. We camp, climb, kayak and mountain bike to remote locations where we paddleboard on icy waters and take zodiac cruises amongst icebergs or witness whales breaching from our zodiacs (small inflatable boats).

This is why Quark Expeditions has been voted "Best Adventure Tour Operator" by National Geographic Traveler Magazine for over 17 years running!

Our Expert Guides’ Abilities To Read Unknown Terrain.

You can rest assured that their guides are not only trained to be able to read unknown terrain, but also have a number of backup plans in place. Their team has extensive experience with this kind of environment, and as such we know how unpredictable it can be at times. They’ve learned that it pays to have a few extra contingency plans for every situation--by kayak or Zodiac boat, or even by helicopter if necessary!

When It Comes To Polar Expeditions, You’re Only As Good As Where Your Ships Can Take You.

When it comes to polar expeditions, you're only as good as where your ships can take you. The size and type of vessel used for an expedition is crucial in determining how far into the Arctic or Antarctic regions it can go. This is because larger ships must stay within ice-free waters during the summer months and may have difficulty navigating through narrow channels, while smaller vessels can navigate closer to shorelines and icebergs without restriction.

Smaller vessels are also able to access areas that larger ships cannot reach due to their shallow draft (the distance between sea level and bottom of hull) which allows them access through shallow coastal waters with little risk of running aground; however these same factors make these smaller boats more prone to being damaged by waves or strong winds along open water routes leading away from land masses like Africa's Cape Agulhas promontory where waves can reach heights greater than 20 feet!

We're confident that Quark Expeditions is the best choice when it comes to polar expeditions. Their ships are equipped with the latest technology, our expert guides know how to read unknown terrain and keep their groups safe, and our unique itineraries let you experience everything from Arctic tundra to Antarctic icebergs in ways no other company can offer.